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About Us

Xtreme Genes was founded in 2005 by John and Lorraine Wylie. John and Lorraine had a passion for the reining horse, and envisioned a better and brighter future for the Australian reining industry.

They built Xtreme Genes up to a nationally and internationally respected Stallion management service, helping bring some of the best bloodlines in the world to the fingertips of Australian breeders.

Xtreme Genes became the agents of choice for many national and international Stallion owners, and it also became Australia's choice for mare owners looking to breed.

In 2019, Dianne Macarthur became the proud new owner of Xtreme Genes. The baton having been passed to her, Dianne set out to continue the Xtreme Genes dream. 

By keeping the same outstanding customer service, Stallion roster, support for the industry and vision that most have come to know and love, but by also bringing a new flare and drive with the addition of some leading Western Pleasure Stallions, Halter Stallions, Cutting and Reined Cowhorse Stallions. 

The future is certainly looking bright!

Our Vision

Xtreme Genes vision is to make breeding for both Stallion and Mare owners easy. We want those who choose to breed though Xtreme Genes to have a friendly, easy and transparent breeding experience. We also aim to assist in raising the bar of quality in the Australian  Western Industry, by making world class Stallions easily accessible.
Xtreme Genes aims to continue bringing all of these things to the industry for many years to come.


About Dianne


Di, an Osteopath and business woman by trade, wasn't quite sure what to do with her young daughter Ruby's horse obsession. The nagging and constant horse chatter made her relent and sign her daughter up for riding lessons.

As the years rolled by and the lessons became more frequent, Di decided that instead of watching her daughter ride almost everyday of the week, she would join in too.  Di began riding lessons to join in on her daughter's passion, but that same passion secretly began growing on her too.

Di began riding with the intent to compete in the Western All Round alongside Ruby, which was also followed by a niggling interest in breeding just like her daughter.

Not long after, as Di and Ruby travelled the east coast of Australia competing, the desire to acquire carefully selected mares to begin their own breeding program became a reality. They began their journey to breed international caliber foals.

With some of the industries leading breeders as mentors, the family breeding journey began in 2008. Ruby was a sponge and sucked up every bit of breeding knowledge she could, not many people can name a horses lineage back 5 generations off the bat! She was quickly dubbed the "Breeding Encyclopedia" and used this knowledge along side Dianne to breed calculated and meticulously thought through foals.

With Dianne's business, customer service and industry expertise, and Ruby's meticulous ability to calculate the best crosses, they're a industry force to be reckoned with.


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